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Home User Computer repairs & support

You are a home user and you will either have a problem with your laptop computer, desktop or maybe your broadband internet. Home user computer repairs is probably your best option.

How do we support you?

After we receive your call, Casec Computers shall identify the problem that you are experiencing and may give a diagnosis over the phone. In most cases, we shall arrange a visit to you at the most convenient time for yourself to fix your computer or other hardware device. We always aim to arrive as quickly as possible in other words the same day, if not then the following morning.

Depending on your computer’s problem we shall perform accordingly. Some instances we might need to bring the computer back with us. This is usually done when there is a major problem such as a defected hard drive and replacing it will take some hassle. Bringing the computer back with us is more convenient for us both and will also save you money.

After repairing your computer

When we have finished repairing your pc onsite, we shall then explain to you what we have done and the problem that had caused it to prevent it happening again in the future. We will leave your computer put and kindly ask for the fee for the repair. If our company has taken your computer away to fix then we shall bring it right back to your house and repaired within 3 days. Finally, we will ask the customer for a future service date if you are interested. This is not heavily essential but it is highly recommended. This is usually 6 months after the repair.

What do we Repair?

Whatever the reason here are a list of all services that we supply to you:

  1. Laptop repairs & support Onsite or offsite
  2. Desktop repairs & Support Onsite or offsite
  3. Printers (except hardware repair)
  4. Broadband Repair or Setup
  5. Virus, trojan or spyware removal
  6. Regular Computer Service
  7. Home Networks
  8. Data Backup
  9. Laptop Screens (Replacement and repairs)
  10. Taylored Built Computer Systems
  11. Private PC tuition & training
  12. Website Development
  13. Immediate Onsite support
  14. Remote IT support
  15. and more!