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macbook_cracked_screen-casecpcCracked screen

The broken and cracked laptop screens are another of the most common repairs that we perform in our shop. We pride ourselves to be specialists in laptop screen replacement and repairing the screens and we are also the cheapest ones! We always have a variety of screens’ sizes in the stock in order to repair and return your laptop as quickly as we can. So whether your laptop’s LCD screen is all black, white or just cracked because you accidentally dropped it – just come to us and we’ll have it fixed!

Macbook-liquid-damaged-casecpcSpill damage

We specialise in repairing the laptops that suffered from spilled water or another liquid.

So, if you accidently spilled a coffee over your keyboard, don’t panic, remember to completely turn off your laptop and take out the battery.

We know that the spillages happen quite often, and in order to be able to repair your laptop as soon as possible we have in our shop professional ultra sonic bath. This precious piece of equipment helps us to repair the laptops by cleaning all the internal parts from the spilled on liquid and it is done professionally, quickly and safely.

os-software-malfunction-casecpcSoftware malfunction

PC , Laptop and Mac machines are almost reliable but on occasions you may experience some software malfunction, which our professional team will deal with in no time.


macbook_overheating-casecpcOverheating issues

The problems with the laptops’ cooling system are other of the most common faults that we see in our repair service.

If you feel that your laptop is heating too fast and working too loudly that probably means that its fans and the cooling system are not working properly. This is most often caused by keeping your laptop on soft surface, so always try to use on the flat surfice or use cooling pad if you have one to avoid overheating problems (we also stock and sell cooling pads if you need one!) Bring your laptop to us and we will clean the fans and the cooling system, repair them if they are broken and apply a special high quality thermo-conductive paste that will absorb excessive heat in the future.


Metropolitan Police Alert

What is METROPOLITAN POLICE Alert?“METROPOLITAN POLICE” Attention! Illegal activity was revealed! is the fake virus warning which has nothing to do with the Metropolitan Police of Great Britain. This is just the next fraudulent way developed by cyber hackers in order to collect money from users whose PC security has been greatly compromised or weakened. Nominating it with the right definition of various sorts of malware programs, this is nothing but the ransomware-type threat which requires of you to immediately effect the payment in order to restore control over your infected workstation.

macbook_broken_casing-casecpcBroken casing

No matter what is gone loose or what you broke with our team of professionals and a huge base of spare parts whether brand new or second hand. We easily repair your broken Mac.



Damaged keyboard

That’s another of the common laptop faults, which – fortunately – can be easily, quickly and cheaply fixed.

Sometimes only one or two keys that aren’t working, other time there be something wrong with the whole keyboard. Also, we can give your keyboard a good and throughout clean if you’ve been eating biscuits over it too often. Just pop into our shop with your laptop, we’ll check it up and fix it for you!

Services Available

  • Transfer email accounts from old computer
  • Data Trasnfer to new computer
  • Install and Configuration of Software
  • Update Current Security Patches
  • Setup of Computer Accessories
  • Hard Drive Wipe
  • Data Backup and Data Transfer
  • Operating system OS update and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Introduction & Orientation
  • Update current security patches

Introduction and Orientation

Memory Upgrade

Computer memory updrage service. Upgrading your computer’s memory (RAM) is the best way to increase overall speed and system performance. Most store bought computers can be made faster by adding more memory.  We evaluate your computer or laptop and make a recommendation based on your system specs. Includes install and testing of the memory in your computer.

A RAM upgrade or memory upgrade will speed up just about any computer or laptop.