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Business Services

Business user computer repairs & support

‘Computer systems are invaluable in the workplace and when infunctional they cost time, productivity and sales that leads to lost customers and frustration.’

Casec Computer Specialists realises the importance of IT and computer systems in the workplace and the consquences of not having a functional system(s). Therefore,Casec Computers provide quality support to SMe’s (Small or Medium sized companies) as an individual or to the company as a whole whether its to computers, servers, network or even training.

How can we support your business?

We can support your company in 2 or 3 ways.

Either through onsite support which means we come to your premises and perform a fix.

Remote support providing that it is a software related problem.

Or, we can arrange with you a convenient time or day to pick up the computer or hardware device and take it back with us to fix on our site.

If it is anyting else that you after such as IT training then just simply Contact us.

What do we support?

Whatever IT related solution you are after we can be sure we have the answer. Here are a list of all services that we supply to you:

  1. Laptop & Desktop repairs & support
  2. System Upgrades
  3. Printers support (except hardware repair)
  4. Internet Setup
  5. Network Installation
  6. Wireless Networking
  7. Email systems
  8. Cabling
  9. Data Recovery
  10. Data Backup
  11. Software Installation
  12. PC Operating systems
  13. System Security
  14. Taylored Built Computer Systems
  15. Private PC tuition & training
  16. Website Development
  17. Immediate Onsite support
  18. Regular Computer Service
  19. Remote IT support